Seven days, seven days. I’m one week out from my return to the States and I feel like I’ve returned to a whole new world (cue the Aladdin song). Well, ok, no not really a “whole new world” that’s an over exaggeration but just like I expected the world went on without me while I was gone and things changed. The one-lane road by my house that was always congested with traffic now boasts two lanes, a new Wal-Mart was built 5 minutes away while I was gone, and my parents sublet parts of our house to new tenants I’d never met. Luckily, I’ve been too busy trying to find a job and getting re-acquainted with life on this side of the world to really dwell on these things. However, today was a slow rainy day, a day in which I stayed indoors and had hours and hours on which to ponder on what I’ve already dubbed “my old life”. I know the trick to getting used to my pace of life at home will be to stay busy and continue doing the things I did before I left. I have to find a job for the summer (or longer), deliver many gifts to friends and family, and try not to start every sentence with “when I was in Prague…” the latter may take a while to get used too.