I think everyone who studies abroad has a “list” of things that they’re going to do, food they’re going to eat, and places they’re going to visit once they land home. I know I do, I can almost smell the sweet American air, I’m two weeks away from giving my mom and dad a long awaited hug and kiss, two weeks away from pinching my three-year-old nephew’s chubby little cheeks, and two weeks away from being reunited with my boyfriend. In my head, I have an unofficial list of things I can’t wait to do when I get home, at the same time I’m trying to remember to enjoy what little time I have left in Prague. In any case, I figured I would make my imaginary list real by posting it on this blog, this way when I get home I have even more motivation to do these things, simple as they may be. So here goes…..

1. Have a great big American steak with mashed potatoes, salad, and an ice cold coke

2. Walk around Target maybe shop a bit too.

3. Listen to Pandora! It’s not available in Europe.

4. Rent a Redbox movie (also not available in Europe)

5. Go to Cap Ale for $2 Burger Night with my friends

6. Have my first legal drink in the States, maybe at Happy Hour

7. Visit the sites in Washington, DC…I’ve lived in the area all my life and never gone to see all the monuments.

8. On the same note, visit Ben’s Chilli Bowl, another DC landmark I have neglected.

9. Take my nephew to the playground

10. Enjoy my mom’s homemade cooking…and her time (:

11. Have a day dedicated to bonding with my sister

12. Go to a summer concert

13. Relax and be happy!