This weekend I was supposed to travel to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy and spend a long weekend traveling across the region and maybe even visit the beach. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control (ok, well partly out of my control) I was forced to forfeit my trip and any visions of me eating gelato on a water taxi. I would have been more upset by the way these events unfolded if it had not been for the fact that I had a final the morning my flight was set to take off. While, I welcome the opportunity to travel, skipping a final is completely unacceptable (stay in school kids!) and so on Thursday morning I took my final exam and brainstormed what to do with all the extra time I would have doing nothing in Prague. I’m lucky because at UMW I never find myself troubled with TOO much extra time, it just does not happen, something else that does not happen is pleasant 80° F weather in Prague.  So in essence, if there was one weekend to stay in Prague this one would be it. It seemed like out of nowhere the flowers bloomed, the trees sprouted leaves and the world was filled with color, I think I even saw the native Czechs walk around……smiling?! Even though I was forced to give up one of my most coveted trips at least all my accumilated good karma resulted in incredible weather for exploring a city that I learn to love (or cope with, same thing right?) more everyday.