Every time I ride a tram in Prague I look for the opportunity to get a window seat. Why? I suppose it’s because it still does not seem real to me how picturesque this city is! It’s gotten to the point where I don’t notice the ugly graffiti letters on the buildings anymore, I just look around and take in the views of the river, the castles in the distance, and the many spires atop churches and buildings across Prague. It certainly doesn’t feel like home but it also doesn’t feel foreign, it’s like I’ve discovered my own little haven away from Virginia, the state I’ve lived in my entire life. I definitely haven’t fallen in love with this place for the people. To start off, Czechs are overall serious and reserved, furthermore, the language barrier has prevented me from really getting to know any true Czechs. The food here, as I think I’ve said before, is not exactly to my liking. However, I’m a sucker for the cobblestone paths and winding roads (even though I’ve ruined my favorite pair of boots this way) and Prague’s history is interesting and impressive. I don’t think I could spend the rest of my life here, there are many things I miss constantly but for now I’m content and I don’t see myself anywhere else.

—-This could be YOU if you lived in Prague!—-