I love to open up my e-mail and have a notification from the program director that there is mail waiting for me in the office. Usually, it means that my friend Zach has sent me a postcard with updates on his life and the on-goings at UMW; on one particular occasion though, I was certain that the “mail” being referred to in my inbox was a long-awaited package from home. During a weak moment of homesickness I had called home and whined to my mom about how Prague and it’s cuisine was not satisfying my dietary needs she agreed to send me some staples of my favorite home foods. She put together a package filled with latin spices, refried beans, dry pasta sauce, authentic Salvadoran cheese, and corn masa, among other things. When I went to the office at school I was bewildered to find a letter from the Czech post office in place of my long-awaited items from home. After a rather lengthy translation of my letter courtesy of the program director, I foound that my package was being held in Customs and my cheese, of all things, had been confiscated. Was I still allowed to pick up my package? Yes, but I had to pay a fee of 900 czk for it’s disposal that’s about $45 USD, needless to say I was incredulous but I paid it. Moral of the story, when it comes to cheese, the EU doesn’t play games my friend.