I apologize for the weird picture alignment in this post but I hope you all are still able to appreciate my images of Prague metro stations! I have to ride the metro almost everywhere and in my travels I have noticed how each station seems to have its own unique art or theme. The Prague metro is really easy to learn how to use and if you look at the name of the station next to it you will see a square that is either red, yellow, or green so you know which line you’re on. Also, each one of these stations has a different significance in my day to day life in Prague.

Dejvická: I rarely visit this station, but if I’m headed to the airport for a trip this is where I would get off!

Muzeum: A very “touristy” station. This station drops you off near the National Museum and onto Wenceslas Square, it’s also a transfer stop so this station is always busy and full of people coming and going.

Náměstí Republiky: Another very “touristy” station. There is a (tourist) mall here called Palladium and lots of restaurants, hotels, bars etc all around. It’s name can be translated to Republic Square.

Mustek: This station will drop you off on Wenceslas Square on the opposite end of the Muzeum stop, again this is a good place to get off in Prague if you want to go shopping, clubbing, or find expensive places to eat.

Chodov: By far my favorite place to visit in Prague! Chodov is away from all the touristy spots in Prague but is still in a really nice part of Nove Mesto (New Town) with a modern business complex called “The Park” right across the street from the station. There is a HUGE mall attached to the station as well and there is an Albert Hypermarket (grocery store) on the bottom floor. Chodov is pretty far away from where I live but I really enjoy coming here because it’s a very “Western” area so I feel more at home.

Kobylisy: This is a very large and important area for Prague locals. This is on the outskirts of Prague and a residential area, I have two friends who live off of this metro stop and I will frequently visit them. Here, it’s like a completely different world there are many Cold War era apartment buildings still around and these are rented out to students or are occupied by the elderly. In Kobylisy it’s also quite common to see gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores etc things you can’t find in the center of Prague.