So this evening, as I headed to my car after dinner, I noticed the wreaths surrounding my local Giant. I was so excited! I love Christmas time, I love Thanksgiving, and fall and winter. Though I’ve been sick for the past week (I’m talking bed ridden, can hardly speak let alone breathe type of sick) I really have been musing over this great cold weather that’s been around. I can only hope that I get to see a snow-covered Prague in a couple of months.

Last time, I was worried about the visa process, so I did some investigating. I went to a study abroad session at the Center for International Education, the focus was on Central Europe (more specifically Prague) interestingly enough, I was the only one who showed up. It was really cool because the guy who was leading the discussion–erm…conversation– went to Prague Fall 2010 and had a lot of really funny stories, he only made me feel more secure about choosing Prague as my destination. So, I confided in him my worries about being approved for a visa and you know what?

He was denied three times. Wow.

Here I was worried, and I was facing someone who get rejected multiple times, I knew I would be ok. I guess I was always looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. Coming from an immigrant family, I know that the visa process is extremely difficult, almost impossible…if you’re coming to America. On the other hand, I was informed rather cynically “no one will deny an American a visa“.

I’ve never felt more privileged in my life.

Finally, I leave you guys with an image of Charles Bridge all covered in snow, something I hope to see (and capture) when I go over there.

Later Guys.

The famous Charles Bridge covered in Snow.